Research-Backed Digital Talent Strategy 

We help companies build better talent pipelines using insights from our unique dataset. Maximise your hiring with actionable strategies for identifying, developing and managing talent.

What if you could be more attractive to digital talents?

Technology is changing the economy as we know it. As the world gets increasingly digitised, attracting the best tech talent has become a great concern for organisations in Singapore and beyond.

Understanding what Digital Talents Want

To attract the best digital talent for your business, you must first know what Digital Talents want from their careers.

We help you answer these common questions...


How much remuneration are they expecting?

What kind of companies they wish to work for?

What type of benefits or roles attracts them?

What do they want to achieve at the end of their career?

What type of company culture are they looking for?


... with insights from our unique & proprietary dataset. Find out:


Top motivators for digital talents

Desired career goals

Preferred type of employer

Preferred Industry sectors

Top companies digital talents want to work for


..and more.

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Digital Talent Strategy Consultancy

We help you build your ideal talent pipeline, with our research-backed Digital Talent Strategy. Translate valuable insights into a superior talent strategy to win digital talents.

Talent Census

Find out who the talents are, and what REALLY matters to them.

Competitive Analysis

Understand where you stand against competitors vying for the same pool of digital talent.

Digital Talent Strategy

Use valuable insights from our research-backed dataset to make refinements to your employer branding to attract top talent.

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