Cannot view data of fact table in SAS OLAP Cube

The table data cannot be retrieved when want to "View Data" of the fact table that consists of a computed column. It says data cannot be retrieved because it has the symbols(+=-<>||). Can know what's the reason? Is it my server only?

- IrfahIsham



there is syntex error in the computed column , that lead to this problem when you view data in your olap

- JiaXin



I think it's due to your coding, do check that there's no syntax error in your coding. You can do so by validating it after you finish coding the advanced expressions. By doing this, SAS will show you if there is any syntax error within your advanced expression.

- JiaQii



This is probably because among all your computed columns you have done in your SAS Enterprise Guide , there is one or more than one particular column that have a error which didn't show up as syntax error .

The error would only show when you are viewing the data in SAS Olap Cube -cube designer when viewing data of the table from either the fact table or the dimension table .

I had seen this error several times and I found an easy solution , it would be to redo your computed columns like what you have done , update your SAS Management Console after that please note that your column names and variable names , type are all the same . SAS Enterprise guide do not display warning or error sometimes when there is a mistake in the column name /variable or type , one of the flaws I feel they have . I believe that the most possible reason that you encounter this error is due to your computed column name . Try changing it and see if the problem persists!

I believe it is not a syntax error within your expresssions in your computed column you did at SAS Enterprise Guide but MORE of the naming used in the computed column you named . It is probably not syntax in your coding as there is an "auto error detector" in SAS Enterprise Guide when you do the coding for computing . Hence mostly likely it is the naming conventions used . Try to change it or if you want redo it , and remember to update it in your SAS Management Console . Hope it helps . As for whether it is only in your server or not , the answer is no , as this is not a server problem but with your coding or how you did the computed columns.

Happy Chinese New year :)

- Bjergsen



I think it is because that you did not name variables correctly or the syntax could be wrong which the warning didn't show up due to reasons and another possible reason could be the naming of the column .

Perharps you can try to rename the computed columns , double check all the columns used for mathematical operations . One more thing to look out for is your joins , incase it is wrong . If it doesn't work maybe you can redo your ETL in a new project , just a suggestion.

Also remember to go to your SAS management console to update ! I hope this helped .

- ruonan



The error might just lie in your computed column, double check to see if you have any syntax errors in your computed column by clicking on validate. If problem exists, do check by validating 1 line at a time.


- AlvinYap



It might be due to having syntax error in that computed column. Maybe you should check the codes again to see if there is any syntax error by validating the code.

- HuiLing