How to effectively clean your face?

Proper facial hygiene

Facial hygiene is a basic skincare step, and also a simple way to treat hidden acne. most effective. This process will help remove sebum, dirt on the skin, help unclog pores, prevent bacteria from residing and invading causing acne. You can wash your face with cool water combined with a facial cleanser. Pay attention to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin, to avoid irritation.

Makeup removal is just as important as facial cleansing. You can use makeup remover to help remove makeup, dirt on the skin.

Skin hygiene alone cannot completely remove dead cells on and deep in the skin. So you need to exfoliate regularly 2-3 times a week to help unclog pores, prevent acne, help skin clear and easily absorb nutrients when using acne products. Refer to 2 player games. Protect the skin

UV rays present in the sun are the top enemies for the skin. It makes the skin damaged, dark, and prone to the formation of hidden acne. Therefore, you need to use sunscreen and cover your skin when you have to work in hot weather.

Moisturizing for the skin

When the skin is supplied with moisture, it will become smooth, promote metabolism and eliminate acne under the skin. Hydrate the skin by drinking plenty of water or using mineral sprays, moisturizers, etc.

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