Basic Requirements for Housing Finance Company Registration

The company registered under Companies Act 2013 who Wants to obtain a registration with the National Housing Bank and function for a Housing Finance Company Registration Must primarily make sure that it Fulfills the basic 3 Qualification criteria and then further complies with The desiring company shall be sure that it has abilities to provide settlements to its present and prospective depositors in total The behaviour of the proposed direction will never be non-prejudicial to the attention of the public The matters of the HFC will forever in the manner which is beneficial to the public interest The desirable firm has sufficient earning prospects The operation of the company shall forever in the depositors' attention The registration certificate if given shall never be used to function and grow the company in a prejudicial fashion The needing HFC shall have a solid capital structure. After these compliances are fulfilled the company will be eligible to apply for a certificate of registration to function as a housing finance company.

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