Negative Effects of Paraben and How to Avoid Them With Organic Cosmetics

Paraben is the most commonly used type of preservative added to cosmetics and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industries. It is not just limited to cosmetic products but is found in shampoos, moisturizers, personal lubricants, shaving gels, deodorants, and more. As this might be the case, do you know that the use of Paraben is now a controversial ingredient because of its negative effects on our health? Let us explore this subject and find out why organic cosmetics are better compared to synthetic and artificial products.

Negative Effects of Paraben

While it is true that Paraben is a powerful and effective preservative, it comes with greater cost - cost that you do not want to pay just to gain its advantages. Here is a quick list of the negative effects of Paraben as a cosmetic preservative.

• Dermatologic reactions - skincare and cosmetic products containing Paraben can potentially lead to allergic reactions. The symptoms may include itching, paresthesia, rash, skin inflammation, and others.

• Breast cancer - among the most controversial issues that lead to the fear of using of Paraben are the studies suggesting that breast cancer is linked to Paraben. One strong indication that this is true is the presence of Paraben in tumor tissues. Paraben has the ability to mimic estrogen - a hormone that increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Recent studies suggest that Paraben end up in breast tissues through the chemicals applied on the skin - namely, deodorant, makeup, lotion, and other cosmetic products. These studies popularize the need to replace Paraben-containing cosmetic with organic skincare.

• Rapid skin aging - what you thought will make you look younger and more radiant is actually damaging your skin. It was found out that Paraben, when applied on the skin, will react to ultraviolet rays from the sun and magasin bio en ligne skin aging. Moreover, it is later made known that Paraben can damage DNA and protein building blocks of the body.

• Negative effects on men - women are not the only one vulnerable to Paraben, men too. It is found out that Paraben has direct correlation to the increased incidence of testicular cancer, male breast cancer, impotence, gynecomastia (breast enlargement), decreased sperm count, declining physical male characteristics, and others.

There are other things that you need to know about Paraben and a simple search for it on the Internet and health journal will tell you there are overwhelmingly strong evidences Paraben is truly bad to our health. Switching to organic cosmetics products After reading the negative effects of Paraben, there is no doubt that you need to make the switch. Cosmetic products are meant to make you more beautiful and not cause you health problems. Thankfully, health and beauty industry is now turning to organic and natural substances to manufacture their products. You deserve to be beautiful without making harm to your health. It is time for you to make the switch. Choose organic cosmetics for safer and more effective results.

- hugnuverdu



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