Freelance Job

Contract for Service Job where an independent contractor or self-employed person, is engaged for a fee to carry out an assignment or project

For the longest time, pursing a single, long-term employment position was for many the only way to leverage all the benefits that came with full-time employment.

While this may still hold appeal, the job market is changing and the landscape of work available is much more diverse than it was before.

As the economy shifts and technology advances, working in a particular physical location becomes less and less a necessity, workers now find themselves faced with ever broadening possibilities for employment, in a variety of arrangements.

Today, many IT jobs are especially suited for freelancing, partially because this type of work can be done from remote locations (anywhere as long as freelancer has a laptop and an Internet connection).

We work with a massive range of local and international companies, providing IT Talent with access to interesting IT freelancing opportunities.

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