Hirer Functions

Let's go through the various hirer functions.

1.2.1 Post Job

1.2.2 Edit Job

1.2.3 Job Options

1.2.4 Search for Talents

1.2.5 Directory

1.2.1 Post Job

To post a job, you must create an account in IoTalents and your email address must be verified.

After login, you can select Hire >> Post Job from the top header menu.

You can post your job by following the steps below.

  1. Job Type
  2. a) Online

    - You can post your online job where talents can submit proposals for the job.

    - You can select the best proposal and award the job to the talent.

    - After selecting the proposal, once both parties accept the terms in the proposal, the job will be set to the Working status.

    - IoTalents commission will be based on a percentage of the job value. (refer to Fee Schedule for actual rate)

    b) Onsite

    - You can post your onsite job where talents can apply for the jobs.

    - You have to pay a listing fee to post the job. (refer to Fee Schedule for actual rate)

    - Any subsequent engagement will be conducted offline between the hirer and the talent, and there will not be any subsequent fees incurred.

  3. Title
  4. - Name of the job.

  5. Description
  6. - You can specify the detailed description of the job, the requirements, estimated start and end date, and any other additional information of the job. These details will be useful for the talents to understand the requirements of the job clearly before creating and submitted their proposals.

  7. Attachment
  8. - You can specify the attachment to support your job to provide more insights to the job.

  9. Category and Subcategory , Skills
  10. - You can select the category and subcategory that best describe the job and choose the skills from auto complete list.

  11. Work Type
  12. For online jobs,

    - You can choose the work type - either Fixed or Hourly

    - Fixed job is the better option if you are clear about the scope of the job.

    - If you choose Hourly job, then you must specify the number of hours per week and the duration of the job.

    For onsite jobs,

    - You can choose Fixed / Hourly / Monthly.

    - For Monthly you can indicate the minimum and maximum amount.

    For each work type, you can choose the budget for the job.

    Note: You cannot change the work type and budget once the job is posted.

  13. Job Visibility
  14. - Public - Your job will be visible in the Search jobs list

    - Private - Your job will not be visible everywhere. Only invited users can view it and create proposals for the jobs.

  15. Job Validity
  16. - By default, the job validity is 15 days.

    - You can also choose the validity between 1 day and 90 days.

    - Your job will be displayed in the Search jobs list until the end of the validity period.

  17. Preferred Talent Location
  18. - You can choose the preferred location of the talent.

  19. Proposed Start Date
  20. - You can specify the proposed start date – the job can start immediately after a proposal is selected or on the proposed job start date

    - Note: You can save your job as draft. Once the job is posted (public), the job will be listed in the Search jobs list.

1.2.2 Edit Job

To edit your job, follow the below steps.

  1. In your IoTalents Landing Page, click on the job from My Jobs section which will redirect you to View Job page.
  2. From View Job page , you can click the Edit Job button at the top right corner of the page
  3. You can make the necessary changes and save the job.

Note : Budget, Privacy and Work Type (Fixed Price or Hourly) cannot be edited after a job has been posted.

1.2.3 Job Options

If your job status is open, then following job options are available:

  1. Refer Talents
  2. - You can recommend you own talents (who is not already registered with IoTalents) for your job.

    - You can add your personalized message and invite them to IoTalents.

  3. Add Talents
  4. - You can invite your talent (who is already registered with IoTalents) for your job.

  5. Change Bidding (Job Validity)
  6. - You can extend your bidding up to 90 days from job post date.

  7. End Bidding (Job Validity)
  8. - You can end the bidding of the job so that the job status will be changed to Expired and the job will no longer be visible in Search Jobs list.

  9. Cancel Job
  10. - You can cancel your job.

    - If you have any proposals for this job, then the respective talents will be notified of the cancellation.

These options are available when you view the job.

At the View Job page, you can view all the details of the posted job.

  1. You can view and rate the proposals that you have received for your job under the Proposals section.

  2. Talenlytics Search �C Based on various filters, IoTalents will help you to find the best talents for your job.

1.2.4 Search for Talents

You can search for talents in two ways:

  1. When you are not logged in, click on "Find Talents" at the top header at the landing page.
  2. If you are logged in, click on Hire >>> Search for Talents menu at the top header

You can refine your talent search by using any of the following:

    a) Keyword

    b) Country / location

    c) Skill

    d) Hourly rate

    e) Categories and subcategories

Additional points

    1. In the search talents results, if you are interested in any talent, you can add them to your Favorites on clicking on 'Add to my Favorites' against the talent name.

    2. You can add talents to your favorites only when you are logged in.

    3. You can view your Favorites as below.

Click on Hire from the top header menu and choose My Favorites.

Hire >>> My Favorites

You can keep track of your Favorites or delete your Favorites.

1.2.5 Directory

In this section, you can browse for talents based on categories or skills of the respective categories.

  1. Categories
  2. All subcategories for each category will be displayed here. On clicking a subcategory name, you will be redirected to Search Talents page with the results filtered by the selected category and subcategory.

  3. Skills

By default, results for all skills will be loaded. On the left panel, all the categories will also be displayed.

    - You can filter the skills alphabetically by clicking the selected letter.

    - You can click on the category from left hand panel that will filter the skills based on the selected category. For further filtering, you can make use of the alphabet filtering