Users can use our Q&A Forum to share technical issues and solutions. By analyzing the conversation within the groups and even across groups, we can determine valuable information. When you share issues within the Talents Social Groups, other users who are knowledgeable in the topic will share solutions and suggestions which will help solve the issues. Those who contribute positively within the Talents Social Groups will be rewarded and recognized. In addition, thoughtful comments will attract positive votes from the community.

Our system will automatically compute the Talenlytics INDEX which is the knowledge score of the freelancers who contribute positively to the groups. This involves a proprietary algorithm that can automatically label a comment to be thoughtful or not, thereby contributing to the knowledge score of the contributor.

With a higher knowledge score earned on IoTalents.com, talent will be seen as more favorable by the hirer, and thus will be more motivated to share knowledge with other freelancers. Such a mechanism will encourage active sharing and learning for the entire community.