In this section, transactions history, manage financial accounts (add credit card, PayPal account and bank details), download transaction data and withdraw funds will be covered.

1.6.1 Financial Accounts

1.6.2 Transactions

1.6.3 Withdraw

1.6.1 Financial Accounts

    a) My Account

    When an account is registered with IoTalents, a new IoTalents account number will be allocated.
    User can view his/her account number and available balance.

    b) Bank Account

    To withdraw any available balance to the user's own bank account, user needs to add his/her bank account information by clicking Bank Account >>> Add New Account.

    Bank account can be used only for withdrawal.

    c) Credit Card Account

    To pay the talents, hirer can use Credit card as one of the payment method.
    To add credit card details, click Credit Card Account >>> Add New Credit Card.

    Note: Credit card can be used only as a payment method.

    d) PayPal Account

    PayPal can be used as a payment and withdrawal method.

    - To add PayPal account, clickPayPal Account >>> PayPal button. For verifying PayPal account, the user's registered email will be used for PayPal login.

    - Enter the PayPal credentials and approve the Preapproval agreement

    - Once it is approved, user will be redirected back to IoTalents account.

    e) Default Account

    For transactions in IoTalents, PayPal is the default payment method and default withdrawal method.

    Available Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card

    Available Withdrawal methods: PayPal, Bank Account

    Available Refund methods: PayPal, Bank Account

1.6.2 Transactions

In this section, user can view all the transactions which occured in the IoTalents account.

- All the transactions credited and debited in the account are displayed in this section.

- User can check the invoice for each transaction.

- User can use the filter to filter the transactions based on start and end date.

- From Manage >>> Download Transaction Data, user can download the transaction data as an Excel file based on the start and end date filters.

1.6.3 Withdraw

In this section, user can view the list of transaction funds which can be withdrawn.

The supported withdrawal method is by PayPal:
- User can set up the PayPal account in Manage >>> Default Account.

To withdraw the funds, select Manage >>> Withdraw.

Total Amount for withdrawal will be displayed in the base currency SGD. Within brackets, the total amount in the preferred currency will be shown (if it is set in Settings >>> Payment & Accounts >>> Currency).

User can view the list of transaction funds that can be withdrawn. Click on Withdraw to withdraw the funds directly to the PayPal/Bank account based on the withdrawal method.