Fueled by technology and changing lifestyles, businesses are extending their workforces by hiring freelancers, consultants and other non-traditional workers. By augmenting core staff with contingent talents, companies have access to more workers and get work done with increased agility. Existing freelance marketplaces are still emerging platforms and one of the biggest problem is having an effective way for hirers to find good / suitable freelancers while good freelancers find difficulties in marketing themselves to the hirers . Many users of such existing platforms often complain about the huge effort and time required to sieve through suitable jobs and freelancers, and for the freelancers themselves, a long time to build a reputation in the market.

IoTalents wants to capture the skyrocketing freelancing trend and solve societal challenges using big data by providing an innovative freelance marketplace that uses intelligence to improve the market place efficiency. We believe there is a huge opportunity in applying our technology to solve these problems. is a highly intelligent web platform powered by Talenlytics, our proprietary engine comprising of state-of-the-art big data analytics techniques and models. It aims to achieve maximum and effective matching of freelancers to jobs posted by hirers.

Our novelty lies in the use of data science (predictive search, prediction and machine learning), relevant contextual information to provide match, talent scoring and drive user behaviors to achieve the desired outcome: to intelligently connect hirers to freelancers to achieve mutually satisfying results.

We provide a fuss free and intelligent way to match freelance / contract job assignments to talents, to spur the growth of this Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) model as a disruptive innovation to meet business staffing needs in this digital knowledge base economy. Beyond providing intelligent match, encourages community / knowledge groups to be formed amongst talents, and our intelligence are able to make use of such social interactions to provide even better match for jobs. Apart from providing a marketplace for freelancers to transact, IoTalents will also provide a place for freelancers to form professional bonds and develop skillsets, making it a holistic application to support a freelancing career.